Worksite Weight Management


The Rural Worksite Weight Management Program is a research study funded by CDC-NIOSH. It examines the use of an 18-month controlled intervention in rural worksite environments. The program assists employees in achieving and maintaining the modest weight reductions that have been associated with significant health benefits. It focuses on lifestyle changes such as calorie restrictions and increases in physical activity. Outcome measures include measurable weight loss, self-efficacy, and readiness for behavioral change over an initial, 6-month weight loss phase followed by a 6-month maintenance phase and a final, 6-month long-term maintenance phase.

Progress to date

Sixteen rural worksites, some with multiple locations, are involved in this study. The worksites are spread over a seven county region within the Bassett catchment areaChenango, Delaware, Herkimer, Otsego, Madison, Montgomery, and Schoharie. Worksites were randomized to the intervention or control cohorts, with eight in each.